Scenes with Melody

  • Melody sings "On This Day"
  • Melody in the Blue Fields
  • It's a Snow Day
  • Brave Melody faces the Ice Dragon
  • "The Song is protecting us!"
  • Melody believes in the Song
  • Teaching the children

Scenes with Leif

  • Listening to Melody sing
  • Leif in the Dragon's Cave
  • Hunter faces the Ice Dragon
  • Leif fights with Michael's sword
  • Protected by the Blue Daisies
  • Living in the Light
  • Leif protects Hunter

Scenes with Nicholai

  • Nicholai at the Wall in Sanctuary
  • Nicholai teaches the children
  • "Give it up, old man!"
  • Protected by the Blue Daisies
  • The Sword of the Spirit
  • "Back to your cave, Dragon!"

Scenes with Michael

  • "I cannot let you pass!"
  • Michael's armor to fight evil
  • Michael battles the Ice Dragon
  • "Look Daddy! It's a falling star!"
  • Down, but not out
  • "Forever is the Song and the Light!"

Scenes with Dracon

  • Dracon taunts Michael
  • The evil Dracon
  • Dracon becomes the Ice Dragon
  • On the roof of Sanctuary
  • "Your kind has given me the power to rule this world!"
  • "Run! It's the Ice Dragon!"
  • Dracon faces Michael

Scenes with Villagers

  • Biff and Billy
  • The Jester
  • Grumpy Old Men
  • Autumn Sings
  • Farmer Mike and the Pig
  • Singing "Giver of All Gifts"

Scenes with The Realm

  • Dracon's Lair
  • Dracon's Throne

Scenes with Mountain Village

  • Guardian of Light
  • Village at Dusk
  • The Song
  • Statue in snow
  • Evil Storm
  • Michael's Sword
  • Sword of the spirit
  • The Chasm
  • Land Bridge
  • Dragon's Cave

Scenes with 25 Years Journey

  • Animators
  • Animators
  • Recording
  • Recording

Melody lives in the mountain village with her grandfather, Nicholai. Their home is in an old building called Sanctuary, a place where villagers once met to celebrate the Giver and the Song.

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Leif lives in the village and loves spending time with his dog, Hunter and friends, Biff and Billy. Leif and his friends don’t believe in dragons or the old stories Nicholai tells about the Giver and the Song.

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Nicholai is dismissed as an eccentric old fool by the people in the village. In truth he is a wise and powerful teacher whose knowledge of the Giver and the Song hold the secret to defeating the Ice Dragon.

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Michael is a loyal Guardian of the Song who faithfully serves the Giver in the cosmic Realm.

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Once a Guardian of the Song, Dracon’s pride causes him to seek the power of the Song for himself.

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The Villagers

Long ago the Song lived in the hearts of the villagers, but over time they forgot the Song and grew cynical and cold, mocking the ancient truth and tradition of their ancestors.

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The Realm

The Giver of Gifts is the eternal, all-powerful Ruler of The Realm, a kingdom of goodness and light exiting far beyond the earth. The Giver brings truth, love and justice to the universe and all its people. The Song is the Giver’s gift of peace and hope, found in the hearts of all who choose to “live in the light”.

Mountain Village

Leif and Melody’s village is in a beautiful valley surrounded by lush forest, fields and streams. In the distance is the mountain and cave where the Ice Dragon was once imprisoned.

Ice Dragon began as a short-story titled "Blue Daisies in the Summer of Winter", written in 1990 by director, Bruce Stacey.



Stacey wrote the original story during a period when he was visiting St. Petersburg, Russia to adopt two of his four children. Conversations with Czechoslovakian filmmaker, Raduz Cincera (who he was working with at the time), influenced the theme and message in the original story. With the assistance of an interpreter, Stacey read the story to the congregation of a church in Moscow where he was invited to speak in 1991. He introduced the tale as a parable of hope, explaining that the bitter winter storm was the reign of communism and The Song was the forgotten message of hope in God’s word that the people had forgotten.

The magical blue daisies were inspired by Russia’s affection for the flower.